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Fragrant cinnamon boosts immunity and promotes weight loss. Once in the body, it stimulates the digestive system, helps better absorption of minerals and vitamins and prevents the accumulation of toxins and toxins. These processes speed up metabolism, which contributes to weight loss.
A common cause of extra pounds is undigested sugar. Cinnamon tackles this problem as well. It helps the body process and absorb glucose, improves insulin production and normalizes blood sugar levels. In addition, the aromatic seasoning dulls the feeling of hunger, protecting against overeating. Cinnamon for weight loss is added to tea, special drinks and mixtures are prepared, but you should not abuse the spice, otherwise the liver and kidneys will suffer, so use no more than one teaspoon a day.
Cinnamon is contraindicated:
  • pregnant and lactating women;
  • at elevated temperatures;
  • with internal bleeding;
  • with individual intolerance.

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